Below FAQ are some common questions of our customers who purchased from us, if you have other questions, please just send it to
We recommend lubrication of the deck according to the following timetable:
Ø Light user (less than 3 hours/ week) - Annually
Ø Medium user (3-5 hours/ week) - Every six months
Ø Heavy user (more than 5 hours/ week) - every three months
Each time apply one bottle of the together comes oil, as 30ml.
Only use "Silicone Oil" lubricants for this equipment. In addition, do not add any other oil ingredient; otherwise, the treadmill will be damaged. Do not over-lubricate the walking board. Excess lubricant should be wiped off with a clean towel. We recommend that you buy the lubrication from our distributor or directly from us.
kindly check our video link:
Yes, you can use mobile to control the treadmill by downloading the app “FitShow”
Our recommend user height limited for M1 and M1T small treadmill is less than 6’8’’, higher than that may feel uncomfortable due to their big stride
It is recommended to store flat, if store upright please ensure carpet or mat underneath to increase friction preventing from slippery. Also, it suggests do lubrication before walking, after a couple of hours' using, the oil will spread and be absorbed by the belt, so there will be no leakage even when you stand it upright or at side.
No, it does not beep or make noise when turn on/off or give any commands, so won't disturb others when use.
We use the bluetooth of Class 2 with 10 meters sensation, the EMF output is very slight as 0.2mW. It is much less than cell phone(0.3~1.6W). IEEE has proved no harm the bluetooth does to human body.
In the app you can change the metric display to imperial. Detailed instruction about app use is also available please contact us when you need it. However, cannot change to imperial for the machine itself.
The power source is required to be more than 500 watts, 1000 is quite sufficient to run, just mind not connect many other machines to avoid overloading.
The lowest speed as starting is 0.62mph/1kmh, it is 0.31mph/0.5kmh for each speeding up until the max speed. Speed adjustment could be controlled by remote or mobile with app installed.
It can be folded when you use the treadmill to walk under desk. When it stands up, it shall be fixed at an angle a bit forward (only one angle is available). For the sake of safety, the safety clip must be attached on the handlebar to start the machine and clip on your clothes with another end.
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