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Egofit Walker Pro
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Egofit Treadmill is Worth it for Me

I was searching and SEARCHING for a walking treadmill that wasn't too heavy to move around. I saw this one a while ago, but was skeptical because of the high price tag and honestly, because of the mixed reviews on it, so I kept searching....but I kept coming back to this one on the page. Besides the price, this treadmill was EXACLTY what I was looking for: electric, light, compact, and with a small incline - so I finally caved and purchased it!

UPON ARRIVAL: It arrived about a week after purchase and was ready to go out of the box! At first, the treadmill wasn't responding to the remote after putting in the battery, so I took the battery out, re-inserted it, and then it worked perfectly! The package came with a plastic zip-top bag with the manual, tools, and 2 bottles of oil. I know that people complained about the oil bottles leaking or materials fallen out of the bag, but I didn't have that issue.

TREADMILL: You can turn the treadmill on with the remote and just let it keep going or you can set a timer on it. It doesn't make a noise to give you warning that you have a few minutes or seconds left (if you set the timer), but the slow down is so gentle, it hasn't been a problem for me if I've been distracted by something I'm watching to note the time was up. WARNING: Do not purchase this if you're someone who has a long step/stride length. This treadmill is not long at all and if you have a long stride, this can get dangerous for you. I am 5'4" and have a relatively short stride length, so it has been just perfect for me!
ALSO: It claims that this treadmill is SUPER QUIET-- Which it is when it's on and no one is on it...but once someone gets on the treadmill, you will CLEARLY hear the belt moving on the treadmill. It's not a super loud sound, but it is definitely a sound that will be picked up on a video meeting, I think, because it is a soft, continuous whooshing sound.

FITSHOW APP: Okay, this app is pretty horrendous...nothing actually wants to work on it. For instance, you won't be able to make a new account because the "next button" does not work after you put your Email address in - BUT do not despair, you can still use the app to turn the treadmill on if your remote dies! Just click on "Sign in later" on the app and make sure you are sitting IN FRONT of the treadmill with the power on, for the app to detect the treadmill. Once, it does, click on "connect" and then you can easily start the treadmill from your phone.

OVERALL: I have been using it for a week now, and honestly I really LOVE it and I am really glad that I decided to take a chance on it!!!

Just what I expected and wanted.

No complaints!

I did use the oil when I got it, even though the documentation says it comes pre-oiled. While it was off, I lifted the belt in the middle and wiped my finger. The deck was dry. The belt also made a scrubbing sound before I oiled it. It got a lot quieter after oiling, and then when I wiped my finger under the belt, I felt a light film of oil.

I'm 6' 2", 225 lbs, and it works great for me. I walk in my socks to keep the sound down, and it's quiet.

Good for a small space

This treadmill was great for me. I live in a small apartment, so I needed something that wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Mine did come missing a few pieces, but customer service was very prompt with replacing them.

- Very small
- Nice build quality
- Very responsive customer service
- Nice, easy to use app for controlling

- A little hard to move, even with the wheels
- Can be a little loud when walking on it (but it’s very quiet when it runs on it’s own)
- The remote is a little hard to use

Egofit Walker Pro
Valerie Gail bartlett
I am very happy with my purchase.

The Treadmill arrived promptly it requires no building as it comes fully assembled inside the box I found the Treadmill the power cable one remote some tools for adjusting lubricant oil and easy to follow booklet.The Treadmill is easily movable due to it having two wheels on the bottom so a quick lift up and I could move it into position ready for my first go.The Treadmill cable is of a nice length once plugged in it stays in, the power switch is near where the power cable goes switch it on and it turned orange.To work the Treadmill this is where the remote comes in when your on press the button then when it starts to move you can increase the speed via the plus button decrease via the minus button stop via the stop button.What attracted me to this one other others or the more conventional Treadmills is the slight incline also the fact it is a space saving unit therefore I don’t require a huge space to use it or to store whilst not in use.I can see why this would be good whilst working by a table but I also think it’s a good stand alone Treadmill it offers a good workout level it counts your speed, time, distance and calorie loss.The build quality is good it looks and feels very durable very robust and sturdy it is easy to store due to being smaller so far it is really good.With the simple control system the build quality I would have no issues in recommending this Treadmill over time I hope it will be beneficial to my health great to use when it is raining and I can’t get out for a walk in the fresh air.

Walking like a pro!

When I bought this machine it had no Amazon UK reviews, but I'm glad I took a chance. No assembly, just plug in the power cord and turn on the belt with the remote (Switch it on using the middle button on the remote and then top button for faster, bottom button for slower). Switching off brings it to a standstill.I love it and use it every day. No problems at all so far. A reviewer on the Amazon USA site said it goes through remote control batteries fast, but i'm still using the one it came with. I bought a whole batch extra so I'm not caught without.It is very well made and robust, hence heavy (ish), however very mobile on 2 front wheels. It's only 96 cm x 54 cm. I have a small, one bed flat and push it into a corner in my living room when not in use and pop a couple of big arty cushions on it (as one of the photos shows). I can watch TV all the way up to about 4.5 kmph, get a brisk walk and even do a jog. I havent tried 5 kmph yet as that would be too fast for a walk for me right now. I get a really good work-out walk at 4-4.5 kmph over about 30- 60 mins duration (depending on how long my tv show is). It's very quiet and i could probably take a call up to 3 kmph. I was hesitant as I thought it would be too slow for me, but the incline makes it tougher. I can feel it in my glutes, quads and calves. I use this for watching TV, not under my desk. I am really happy with all this machine has to offer . It was a no brainer for the size. My couch has legs that are only 10 cms high and has a leg in the middle of it so I was never going to be able to get a treadmill that just "slides under the couch or bed". I use it on a yoga mat as I have white floorboards prone to marks.Update: I get about 7700 steps done in 60 mins at 4.0 kmph ( Fitbit stats: 389 calories, 88% cardio)

Egofit Walker Pro
Drew Nelson
10 miles a day

Love this machine! I walk 10 miles every working day. If you’re unsure about the price, listen, it’s worth it if you use it. Great machine and I HIGHLY recommend it!!

John Panico
This was a good purchase!

Does exactly what I want. I am on the phone almost all day. I wanted something that I could talk and listen during my calls each day. It is pretty quiet overall and I have not had anyone ask about the noise. I don’t have typing down very well yet when I am walking, but it is like me...a work in progress. I am a big guy and no issues currently

Mom of Twin Boys
Walk Away the Covid Pounds While You Work

I am enjoying this purchase while I teach school from home. I’ve already lost my Covid pounds. I walk during meetings with colleagues and when my students are busy with an assignment. The treadmill is compact, provides a quick walking speed, and is fairly quiet. I am pleased to not be so sedentary while I am working.

Egofit Walker Pro
William Wolsky
The product made clicking noises

The only reason I’m giving this a full 5 stars is because the Customer service and try out length period to make sure it’s not faulty is outstanding to me I had a few clicking noises right out the box but in all honesty the box was beat to heck I set it up which was super easy took about 2 mins or so very light weight as well but when I started it up there was a loud clicking noise I contacted customer service who responded the same day and told me it might have been tightened to much they had 2 tools in the box I guess to loosen it incase something like this happens (read online it’s actually pretty common) so I loosened it up but unfortunately it still made a clicking noise it just got a lot more quiet I contacted them again I guess it must have been defective and that they could either give me a full refund or send me a new one at no charge too me I was alittle worried with the product lasting as I don’t make much and it was a pretty pricy buy so I went ahead with the return but I think if your truly looking for a small tread mill this would be the perfect one and like I said the customer service is phenomenal I wanted to buy something off here again just because of how well they worked with me made me feel real safe with my buy so if your having doubts I’d definitely say go for it!


Great product, compact and easy to use, really good workout and lots of calories burnt as you walk up the hill all time. The only thing is once it reaches 1000 steps, it starts counting steps from 1 again, but i have not yet checked if any setting change would solve it. Its also quiet

So close

I am 5’3” and I find this compact treadmill to be perfect for under desk use. I do not have to shorten my stride and for the 3 weeks I have had this treadmill it works. However, upon delivery a wiring harness was disengaged and I had to reattach. Additionally, the remote does not work and the App is terrible. (Seriously, develop an app for YOUR product) Customer service is hit or miss. Overall- product does as advertised but the application and company are not there yet.

First Day - Decent but Can't Connect to App

Got it a few hours ago, seems to work ok so far. Trying to connect to the app but there are no instructions. After creating a profile there is a default treadmill selected that does not look like the model, no options to search or pair the one I have. Don't see any info on the product t page to do this easily.

Poor quality control and without the remote you can't operate the machine

During unpacking the item I noticed that: the bag for the accessories was open and its contents distributed across the treadmill, the filler cap was open, there is a small indent in the plastic rail to the side, dirt marks on the plastic and on the running belt. On trying the machine the remote would start it but not stop it. It turned out that battery was almost flat. When I managed to buy a replacement battery the remote worked fine but it highlighted that without the remote you cannot operate the machine. Before buying the machine I had emailed Egofit's UK website to ask whether it could be operated with an app but they haven't replied. However, as the Amazon listing says that you can, it state that beside control by the remote, 'The APP will be the butler of your daily exercise by:
Control - start & off, speed adjustment'.

The App itself has a rating of 1.7/5 on 'Play Store' which indicates how poor it is. I couldn't even get it to connect to the treadmill'. If I can't get the app to connect I will definitely be returning the machine because if the remote breaks or is lost the machine can't be operated. That wouldn't be so bad if you could readily source another remote but the UK site doesn't list tham as for sale and USA says that they are out of stock.

I can't really recommend this machine and I think it is a little overpriced compared with others that are available/

Compact and Easy to Use

Compact, easy to use, and quiet. I have limited space and want to walk more while working from home. The treadmill is very compact. It is very quiet too. I like that it has small degree of incline. Be mindful that it is shorter than ordinary treadmill and does not have safety stop system. If not mindful, one could fall off from the other end. So stay close to the desk. It serves the purpose that I was intended for.

Egofit Walker Pro
I know I will enjoy it!

It’s a great treadmill. It is perfect size. I will use it for my work-at-home job.

Takes up little space

Nice little walking treadmill. I have it under my desk at work and use it with my monitor riser. Quite happy with it overall. I use the remote with it, not the app they direct you to. Top speed is either 5mph or 5kph (can’t remember off hand what it shows distance in). It’s a little trial and error if you have to adjust the belt, but the tools and instructions to do so come with it. It is a little difficult to maneuver around. No clue why the put hand holds in the center of it. I store it under my desk lengthwise. Pretty easy to use.

Egofit Walker Pro
Fraser Betts
Great customer service !

The Product:
The Egofit is a great walker. I find 3 km/h �C 4km/h my most comfortable speed, and the 5% incline really makes you sweat! This way even if I am just in front of the tele taking a break from my digital artwork, I can easily get in my steps for the day. The accuracy of the steps is a little slow at first but catches on. The steps have a step limit of 999 before it goes back to 0 and counts again. This was kind of annoying, but it isn’t much of an issue if you already have a pedometer or just count each 999 steps. Also after 99.59 mins on the treadmill it resets all data and powers down. So be aware of that. Of course you can just start it up again so its not a big issue.

The egofit is easily put away under the bed. The wheels are situated at the heavy end of the walker which makes it easy to lift and wheel barrow it anywhere you want. It is very sturdy yet compact. I really appreciate the design as I live in a small room and wouldn’t be able to buy a full chunky treadmill.
My first egofit died due to a motor error within the first 10 days. The seller got back to me very quickly. They said they could replace it. The communication between myself and the seller was very considerate and informative. They really understood the issue and had no reluctance in helping me out and sending over a new ego fit right away.
During the delivery of my new egofit I was meant to exchange it for the old broken one. However, the team said not to worry and informed me that I have 1 year warrantee guaranteed on this ego fit and that even after the warrantee has expired, they are always there to provide friendly service. This was very reassuring, and professional.
I have to say that the customer service I have experienced with the seller has been one of the best and the most stress-free communication with a seller I have ever experienced!
Brilliant product and brilliant service.

Egofit Walker Pro
Amazon Customer
Working out daily

The treadmill is really great. Small enough to be used in small spaces. However very effective.
I bought it a month ago and I am using it two up to four times per day. Working from home makes my body “lazy” but this treadmill definitely solved the issue.
No need to assembly. Just plug and press the res button.

It’s ok

I just got my egofit today and have tried it out. The incline is going to take getting used to . I’ve used many treadmills before and have two others in my home already so in comparison to those and ones at the gym this egofit seems sluggish in motion. I don’t know if it’s because of the incline but it definitely takes more work when in motion. The noise is definitely not quiet . It can be heard on conference calls and I need to turn up my tv volume when in use. Overall it seems okay . It does what it needs to . Today is day one so I’ll need to see how it goes in the next few weeks .

Egofit Walker Pro
Amazon Customer

Very easy to use and maintain. Extremely quiet - absolutely glad I bought this and highly recommend!!

Egofit Walker Pro
Daniel Trinh

Egofit Walker Pro

Good for use with standing desks

I bought this for use with a standing desk. Works great. Not silent but not annoying and the noise isn't audible on zoom calls. Belt occasionally moves off center but easy to fix by changing walking angle and no need to use included adjustment tools. I am 6'2'' and stride length is fine despite compact size. Good seller support.

Egofit Walker Pro
Amazon Customer
Louder than expected

The treadmill arrives ready to go - with minimal adjustment to the belt tension. The motor is quiet enough but the noise produced when actually walking on the belt is much more pronounced than many other treadmills I’ve used. It is not so loud that you cannot work, but I tend have music or tv on (and sometimes headphones) to offset the noise. It is definitely too loud to use while on a conference call - participants can hear the belt. I am told it is not overly bothersom but it is noticeable.

Overall, a good purchase and I am finally getting my daily step counts up.

Easy to move, compact and excellent exercise machine

Buying the under desk treadmill was the best investment. I no longer have periods in the afternoon when I'm sleepy. The walking has also helped with my back issues. My husband also likes it, he can work on the computers or just browse the internet, watch videos, etc while walking on this amazing treadmill.

It’s also surprisingly easy to move, thanks to the wheels, so you can store it under your desk, sofa, bed, etc.., it measures 16.5''X33.8'', as small as it look it’s a very powerful motorized walking treadmill(2.0HP motor)

The EgoFit has a nice LED that shows exercise steps, time, speed and calories, can hold upto 233 lbs., very quite no more than 70DB. Comes fully assemble, comes with a remote control or you can download the app control, stop, start and off and record.

I can even type well when it is on a low speed, and when I am tired I just use a booster stool next to it to sit for a bit. As part of my overall commitment to fitness this has been an awesome purchase.

Egofit Walker Pro
Charles Clark
this product is ideal if you dont have loads of floor space,

i use this machine for walking when i cant get out, the company who supply it have an excellent after care service

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