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love this product

i love the product. I would just like some info on when to oil the belt, and it would be great if you sold a handrail as a separate accessory. thanks

Works just like any other full size treadmill but at ¼ the size.

Just love love love how it works and proforms as any other big and bulky treadmill you find in any gym. My only two complaints (if you can really can call them that) are the app needs some improvements.. ie.... Making the app fully convert to U.S. measurements not just some things. And #2.... Maybe have some sort of rail or guide system to help you stay straight. It's a lot easier and less thinking when you have a visual reference in front of you and don't have to look straight down all the time. I have stacked two small tables in front of treadmill to help me (really does work).

Perfect under the desk treadmill to stop sitting all day

I wanted to put information in my review that answered the questions I had in looking for a under desk treadmill and observations on this item in particular so I hope it helps!

-Perfect size for me
I telecommute/work from home mostly and am on the computer all day- I would definitely bring it to the office when I need to be working there.
-Able to type easily without issues on the lower speeds from 1 km up to 2.5/3 km. Appreciate that it can go up to 4-5 km to do some HIIT intervals during meetings when am just listening and don’t need to type so can get a little more of a workout on occasion with fast walking.
-Incline: Love it, it seems just enough to keep the belt above ground and not create the bounce that comes from walking on a flat surface. Bonus that it helps hit the areas I want especially on higher speeds- Working my way up in the time I use it.
-the remote is very simple and easy to use: on off button -from auto shut off , start/stop button and up and down speed button
- Am off and on it but it’s light enough to lift to roll and small enough to push or roll out of the way to get my chair back in. the inset wheels in front work great to roll it elsewhere.
- It’s really nice to not be sitting so much :)
- Support was responsive and helpful through adjusting my belt which took a few tries for me but seems ok now. A little hard to turn the tool at first found using a rag helped- my trick finally was being really minimal turns to adjust and letting it run for a few mins between each, I followed the manual but whatever works for you -the videos are helpful
-Over all am thrilled as it is the only under desk treadmill I found that is less than 47-50” long, and not that heavy to move. I don’t have that kind of space behind my desk and I can move it easily to different areas or hide it under furniture when not in use
- am 5’7” and have had no issues with the length, walking normal stride I have plenty of room left on the belt
-It’s great looking ( the box said “designed in Italy” :) well built sturdy (not plastic) and very quiet-no one has heard it on the phone and it does not interfere in hearing anything.
- was able to clean off some of the clear silicone oil it had on it when I unpacked it with a damp rag with some dish soap/water

Cons: the stats (time/calories) get wiped out when you stop and start-but it appears steps done stays in as long as you don’t do a full side switch shit off-so would need to notate or track calories if that’s important to you

-FYI: Its not necessary as the item is stable on its own, but I like and found a suitable sized mat (in my photo)...perfect size, works great, thin sturdy and no slipping 24x36” VersaTex Multipurpose Utility... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D1C8WS6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Great purchase

I’ve this for 3 weeks. It did take a few days to get comfortable with the shorter stride. But, love it while I work. Easily hit 13,000 steps/day. Bonus...6lbs down 👍


Compact and quiet

The treadmill works well and is compact and quiet.



Looked for smallest, most lightweight, under-desk treadmill, w excellent ratings & customer service

I was looking for the smallest, most lightweight, under-desk treadmill, with excellent ratings and excellent customer service. I have found all of that. (Please note: This does not "fold" as there is nothing to fold, no hand rails, etc.) The walking surface is enough space for me, and the speeds work for me. I will only be walking, no jogging or running for me. Because there are no hand rails, I would not recommend this for someone with balance issues, as there is nothing to rest your hands on, or to steady yourself. I worked directly with their customer service to resolve some issues and get my questions answered about a few things, as this is my first treadmill. They provided me with some of the best customer service I have ever experienced - they go beyond "above and beyond" - they really want their customers to be happy with the product; they go in depth with explanations and support.



Great Product

Love it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect treadmill for a small space!

It came fully assembled. I'm a teacher working from home. In a classroom, teachers walk miles as we visit students to assist and monitor. I was unhappy to be trapped in a chair and looking at a computer all day. This was a great way to keep moving and still do my best for my kiddos.

Awesome for my cubicle at the office!!

This walker is amazing at the office. So quiet, no one knows it’s there!! And I’m burning tons of extra calories since I’m not sitting!! Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful product!!

Excellent product and customer service very responsive.

Excellent product but more importantly the customer service is great. Extremely responsive.

Excellent product

This was an excellent purchase. Item is exactly how it was described. Super quiet for office.

Space efficient--easy to get moving

It is sleek and efficient, you don't have to give over a large amount of home space to a regular treadmill. You can calibrate the treadmill runner with a tool provided. I's quiet, and easy to change the speed. You can use it while working or watching TV--whatever works for you.

Very good performance

Very good performance. Value for money

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good performance

Very good performance. Value for money

Space efficient--easy to get moving

It is sleek and efficient, you don't have to give over a large amount of home space to a regular treadmill. You can calibrate the treadmill runner with a tool provided. I's quiet, and easy to change the speed. You can use it while working or watching TV--whatever works for you.

Great for walking while working

I got it for the purpose of walking while at work, and it fits the purpose. Really like the small walking pad...fits into my working space.

Perfect for getting steps in

I've used this every work day for about 2 months now. It's exactly what I needed to get my steps in. The lower speeds are good for walking while on a long phone call, while faster speeds are good for a more intense without. I use it on carpet, because that's what I have in my office, and it works great.

Great work treadmill

Great under the desk treadmill. Love using it while in calls for work. Quiet and gets me moving during the day.

Compact, sexy treadmill

Things I liked: 1. very sleek, fits pretty much in every space 2. noise levels are pretty low, none of the people I interacted over the phone could hear it 3. comes pre-assembled, no need to hustle 4. the remote is ridiculously easy to use

Things I didn't like: The incline cannot be adjusted.

Overall, this is a great product, I am glad I bought it.
Bonus: the communication from their team is great. I had a question and it took them less half a day to get back to me.

This was a good purchase!

Does exactly what I want. I am on the phone almost all day. I wanted something that I could talk and listen during my calls each day. It is pretty quiet overall and I have not had anyone ask about the noise. I don’t have typing down very well yet when I am walking, but it is like me...a work in progress. I am a big guy and no issues currently

Product quality and customer service.

This is the ideal product for small spaces. I use while I am working at my stand up desk, but I also am able to use while watching TV or reading. As well as this product is working for me, I am so impressed with the customer service I have received. I had some questions regarding the belt and I received prompt and courteous attention from them.
Highly recommend this item and feel that they are truly committed to provide satisfactory customer service.


I am older, and afraid of falling when walking outdoors in any weather that creates slippery pavement. This mini treadmill is perfect!