Do I need to unplug Egofit Walker after I am done?

We recommend you unplug your Egofit walker once you are done with your workout.

Can Egofit Walker be used on a rug or carpet?

Due to Egofit's unique and minimalistic design to allow for easy movement and storage, Egofit's belt is closer to the ground, which can create friction and leave marks if used on a carpet or rug. Therefore, we recommend that you only use your Egofit on a hard, flat surface.

Does Egofit Walker have a weight limit?

Egofit's compact design means that the machine is at optimal use for weights up to 260 pounds.

What is the maximum speed of Egofit Walker?

Yes, Egofit's top speed is 5KM/H

Why is there a noise coming from the belt?

When working properly, Egofit is almost completely silent. if you are hearing a noise, the belt is out of alignment. Check your manual for instructions on how to adjust the belt alignment.

How can I adjust my Egofit Walker belt?

Step 1: Assess if you need to adjust the tread.

You will notice an obvious gap, on either the right or left side of the running tread.

Step 2: Set the Egofit walker's speed at 2KM/H running, Adjusting the screw.

Utilizing the alan wrench that was included with your Egofit Walker, adjust the screw on whichever side of the Egofit there was a gap (ex: if the there is a gap on the right side, adjust the right screw, turning the alan wrench clockwise at a 90 degree angle. If there is a gap on the left side, adjust the left screw turning the alan wrench clockwise at a 90 degree angle) For a gap on the right side Turning the alan wrench clockwise in a 90 degree angle,

Step 3:  After adjusting, walk on treadmill and check to see if the gap corrects and disappears. If the gap does correct and disappear, the running belt has been correctly adjusted.

Step 4: If the gap narrowed but did not disappear, repeat above steps. Using the alan wrench to adjust the side with the gap that has now narrowed. Again, walk on the Egofit Walker and watch for the belt to correct and go back to center.  

How do I lubricate my Egofit Walker?

(We recommend lubricating the belt in an easy to clean area 'tile or a non carpeted surface')

Please be sure your Egofit Waker is unplugged. Next using the Allen wrench included, you will want to slightly 'loosen' the regulator bolts at the back of the machine on either side of the belt in order to provide a little 'give' with the belt. Next turn the Egofit Walker on its side, you will be lubricating the 'inner' portion of the belt (not the part you walk on) using the lubrication bottle that was provided, apply a line of lubrication crosswise on the belt, in the decelerate, constant, and accelerate areas of the 'inner' portion of the belt. Once finished, place the Egofit Walker back on the ground tighten the regulator bolts (being sure they are evenly tightened) plug the Egofit Walker back in. Begin slowly walking on the belt to be sure the lubrication is enough.

How do I clean my Egofit Walker?

Before cleaning your treadmill, make sure that its cord is unplugged from the outlet. Clean the treadmill with a soft and damp cloth, using water or other basic cleaners. Make sure the damp cloth is fully wrung out and there is no residual water or liquid.