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Immediate health imporvement

Getting lost in work and getting a huge amount of steps in every day is very gratifying. Also surprisingly quiet which is a great bonus.

It’s a yes for me

Love this treadmill. I have been walking about 4 miles a day for the past two weeks. Moving helps me focus and it’s surprisingly easy to work while walking. I have used on internal teams/zoom calls but I turn off for external teams meetings so people aren’t distracted by my movement. Overall quiet enough, easy to use and very easy to roll out of the way. I am 5’3” and it is the perfect size for my gait (with extra room). The remote works well and saves your place so you can pause to run to another room, etc. Would recommend.


Just started my first WFH job and I wasn’t sure how well this would work out, but I had a drive to try it because I’m pretty ADHD. My job is mostly phone calls camera-off zoom meetings, so I’ve had this two weeks now and I’ve used it 1-2 hr every work day. The 5% incline has me feeling like I’m on a nice hike every day, and since I work facing a window, it definitely feels like I’m enjoying the scenery on an outdoor walk, but I use it barefoot which I would never do outdoors. It’s doubled my daily average steps from 4,000 to 8,000 and I can usually get to my 10,000 step goal before 2 pm. Love it so much, hope it lasts! Heard that sometimes they quit after a year so I’ll post updates based on my usage

Exactly What I Needed!

This under desk walker/treadmill is just what I needed for my home office.

It lays under my desk with room. I have a yoga mat underneath to help with the dog fur and keep my dogs away from the end, but the mat is not necessary with my carpet.

Easy to move with the wheel under the front.

I love the incline, I can feel my leg muscles being used more than walking on a flat surface.

I love the clearance in front that allows my feet to go past the walker as I'm walking. Other treadmills I always hit/kick/skid on the plastic.

The length and width of the belt is great with room for my stride (I'm 5'3")

Remote to start, stop, and change speed is great as well.

If I had to provide feedback for improvement, it would be when using the remote to pause the walker, when I start again it should go to the last speed I had. Currently, it starts at 1mph again, so then I have to increase the speed every time. Minor inconvenience.

Overall, highly recommend!

So far so good

It’s ready to use right out of the box. Compact and easy to move around. Has been using it in my office at work for two weeks, so far so good! It’s quiet and smooth. No beeping sound at start, finish or pause. The remote control works great. I walk at 3.3, and can get in 1000 steps in 10 minutes. During the day I stop at around 7 minutes each time so that I don’t sweat. At the end of the day, I walk until I reach my goal. These short breaks from sitting have been really helpful, I feel happy and more energized through the day. Logging in ~3000 more steps than before everyday. Will update if anything changes.

I love my new indoor mini tread mill. I can get my healthy heart in even when it’s too hot out or my Golden decided to relax on the lawn instead of walking fast with me! I purchased the plus with handle . It gives me stability when increasing speed . It folds up and fits under the bed when company comes !
It takes up very little floor space when it’s out other days! Also love the 5% incline design as I cannot get that in my neighborhood walking!

Why did I wait so long to invest in myself?

I love this thing. I went from having neuropathy in my feet from sitting for so many hours in front of my computer and getting 2,000-3,000 steps a day to getting 15,000 on a normal day. I work up a light sweat at 2 mph but even 1.5mph is helpful for just shifting my weight and keeping me from locking my muscles. Some days I don’t even bother sitting. I docked one star for the machine imbalance and lack of adjustable feet to balance it.

Better than advertised. Top speed is 5mph, NOT 3.1

I don't know why the maximum speed on the seller page says only 3.1mph. I'm on mine right now and I turned it up to 5mph. The low mph was the only reason I almost didn't buy this, so the seller or Amazon or whoever would do well to fix that typo because I'm sure it's costing them tons of sales. Btw, I bought the cheaper version and, yea, top speed of 5mph, I promise, pic or it didn't happen.

Great purchase

was a little skeptical buying this. Although I am so glad I decided to just get it. This treadmill is small and not bulky. It has wheels in the front to make it easy for you to move it around, buying it with the handle is a a good idea if you plan to go at a higher speed. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. It’s a must if you’re working from home.

Does the job, easy to move

Store this under my couch, and pull out a few times a week to use with my standing desk. I did an extensive amount of research before buying but it’s been 3 months and I’m satisfied. Relatively easy to move, easy to store, and the length is not an issue. I can zone out in work and don’t fall off or anything. I’m 5’6”. The workout is awesome.

Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Gabriella G.
Perfect for office

I purchased the EgoFit for work to get excercise while I work. I love it. It's very quiet, no one hears me walking. It fits perfectly under my desk when I'm not using it. The rollers help make it easier to move around. Quality is very good!

A simple, small and solidly-built little treadmill

I purchased the basic Egofit Walker Pro/Plus treadmill (without handle) and paired it with an extra-wide walker for support. This combo is perfect for what I needed - something I can use for my rehab walking exercise and move, store, and eventually donate one day without a lot of hassle. It is all that plus a solid, quiet, and well-built mini-treadmill - not a cheap toy like I feared. It is rather heavy but lifting from the back to move around with the front wheels is easy. My only complaint is the cheap little remote has only 4 functions (start/stop/fast/slow) which are difficult to read. The LED mode display readout on the front of the walker is large enough but it quickly rotates among different modes (time/distance/steps/cal/speed) are not illuminated and you can't stop or control the modes displayed. All in all, a great product if you just need a small simple storable treadmill for walking.

Best purchase of the year!!!!

I'm so glad I bought this under desk treadmill. After starting a new job that is mostly working from home, I realized how the sedentary lifestyle was negatively impacting my health. I was researching different treadmills for months until I found this one.

This treadmill is so compact and fits perfectly in my tiny studio! I'm able to easily roll it to different areas. I've been basically on this treadmill all day while working, I rarely sit now. I've learned to type and read at different speeds, it was an easy learning curve for me.

On average, in a week, I'm able to log atleast 7 miles of walking that I would've spent sitting on my butt. It's also easier to get my 10k steps in. I have so much more energy during the day and my mood has been positively affected as well. This has been a life changing purchase! I don't understand the people that are rating this treadmill low stars due to user errors or easily fixable errors.

I wish I bought this much sooner!

Small but mighty!

The treadmill is compact and well-constructed. No assemble required. If you are looking for a walk/jog/run treadmill in a small room, this one is a great choice. The machine is sturdy and excellent construction. The belt is wide enough and powerful. I can walk comfortably on the inclined belt. The remote is simple and easy to use. The customer service is genuinely warm to follow up your concerns and answer your questions.

Great product

Absolutely love this little treadmill! I love that I am able to walk while working. It oddly makes you more productive at work because you are planted to your computer. It fits perfectly sideways under my 48 inch desk which was a huge plus for me. This one has a slight incline too which others don't offer. I did a lot of research and this one seems like the best on the market. Only critic I would give is I wish it had a pause button, only has stop and slow down but I just pause my watch and restart every time I get off and that works fine for me! It's very durable and quiet, no one can tell I am walking when I am on calls. Also extremely light weight.

Small but mighty!

This treadmill has worked perfectly for me right out of the box in my limited space. I have been using it almost daily for over a month & I don’t have any complaints. It suits my stride, it’s quiet enough my coworkers have confirmed they can’t hear it over my headset, & it’s easy to move under my desk then roll out of the way when I want to sit or stand instead. Very happy with the purchase! One tip, I only use the remote to pause, resume or turn it off. The app allows for much better control of speed in smaller increments, it’s very responsive to both though. Highly recommend!

Great product

I love it! It’s very stable and convenient with the right size. Love the ramp especially! Very easy to install it! No need to go to the gym and it’s great to exercise at home while watching tv! My friend recommended it to me and it’s awesome

Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Mischelle H.
Works great

I bought this treadmill because it is so hot this summer that I’m not able to walk outside as I normally would. I love this treadmill and feel like it’s a great workout. I walk really fast and take long strides and still have plenty of room with this compact treadmill. It is so compact it fits in my bathroom and I can watch TV while I get my steps in and avoid the heat outside. I have recommended this to everyone I know and in the two weeks I’ve been using it I have way more energy and feel great!

Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Mischelle H.
Works great

 This is my best gift to myself. I wish I would have bought it pre-winter and walked through some "fun" meetings. I like the small compact size and how easily I can use it. I get 3 miles in almost every day just from Zoomland.

Solid build, challenging incline

This treadmill packs a punch. It’s very well made, moderately heavy, but runs pretty well. The incline is much more challenging than you would think. The remote comes with a wristband so you can keep it on to change speed/turn off and on. My only criticism is if you’re on the heavy side there’s a slightly noticeable jolt/stop at every step. The trick is to get to 2.0 speed or above and keep walking, then it’s not noticeable. Overall, this is a solid piece of equipment for the size.

Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Allison M.D.
Love it!

I’m working hybrid and sit at a desk all day like so many people. This is a game changer, I love using it during my day and my office is tiny so I have to roll it away when I’m not using it and that is so easy to do! Love it and I’m so happy I purchased.

Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Allison M.D.
Love it!

Love it! It’s so easy to use with the remote and app. Very light with wheels for ease to move around. It’s small and fits perfectly under my standing desk. I end up walking an hour without even noticing it. And the 5% incline definitely gets me sweating.

Great Holder for tablet

Order the Egofit iPad holder fits great on the Walker Plus handlebar easy to see and use a small tablet to run the app Fitshow App. App works great with my walker easy to turn on and off record my progress.

Black dust

It works pretty good but there is black dust appearing from the first use day one that hasn't stopped. Is that normal? 🤔

Perfect addition to my work from home set up...

I've had this treadmill for a few months shy of a year. I walk several miles every day under my standing desk. It's the best way to keep in shape while working an otherwise sedentary job. The slight angle adds more to the workout than you'd expect. Controls are easy, using a wireless remote. You can also use a mobile app to control it. The speed range is good, in general. It's not too loud, however it does make a little bit extra noise sometimes. Certainly worse at higher speeds, but never an issue for calls. I've had to adjust belt tension a few times, but it's easy to do. Moving it around is a breeze, although my feedback would be to move the power connector to the side so you can tilt it out of the way vertically without worrying about the cord. Since people have noticed me using it on calls (from my jaunty walk!) several other people at work have also gotten one. It makes for fun Zoom calls with half the attendees bobbing up and down! If you are thinking of getting an under desk treadmill, it's a good choice.