Egofit Desk Bike

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Egofit Desk Bike

Egofit Desk Bike

Regular price $199.00
Sale price $199.00 Regular price
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Product description
Tech Specations
Product description
If you’re looking to stay active and productive throughout your day, a bike desk is the perfect answer. Bike desks are a simple, convenient, affordable and fun way to burn calories, prevent the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, and stay focused and productive while working.

Burn calories, increase creativity, and enhance productivity with the Egofit Bike Desk. 

  • Improve your health everyday.
  • Manual-Height Desk.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Completely Silent, No Distractions.
  • Space Saving.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat.
  • Build up your stamina with different Resistance Levels.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat.
  • Rear Transport Wheels.
Tech Specations
  • Flywheel: 6.6lbs / 3 kgs.
  • Resistance Levels: 8 Levels
  • Pedals: Self balancing, adjustable straps
  • Resistance System: Magnetic - eddy current
  • Seat Adjustment: Height - 19 positions
  • Seat: Molded, Contoured Universal-Fit Seat
  • Transport: 2 Rear-mounted wheels for easy mobility
  • Dimensions: 30.7"*20"*40.1" / 78*51*102cm
  • Product Weight: 38lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 300 lbs

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel W.
A good compact desk exercise bike – So far so good ...

A good compact desk exercise bike – So far so good
When you don’t have time to go to the gym, this is a good alternative product for training.
I bought a V9 white color one. It looks great and the size is smaller than I expected. In addition, the bike has wheels you can move wherever you want. Please note that the shipping package is weight about 75 lbs, if you live in 2nd or 3rd floor without elevator, you better ask somebody else to help you.
The assembly part is incredibly easy and straightforward. All you need is installed the desk by using its tools. This bike comes with LCD display and some basic functions such as a timer, speed, distance, calories, etc. 2 double batteries are the power requirement. There is a control knob allow you to increase the resistance level from -1 to 8+. Desk and seat are also adjustable. I believe you will find your best fit.
I like this exercise bike so far. If you’re looking for a nice look and multi-function exercise bike, I would recommend you to buy this one. To me, this bike is more than just exercise.

Lisa B.
Great Christmas Gift!

I saw a gift guide on that recommended the Egofit Desk Bike as a great Christmas gift. I am on the computer a lot and find with the tension set on 5, a steady peddle gives my legs a great workout without any thought needed (I am a treadmill person at the gym and haven't rode a bike in years!) I enjoy the health benefit while I would otherwise sit on the couch. I read a study once that as we age, working out and learning fight memory loss...I hope a bike with a computer desk knocks out both and if I need to buy a smaller swimsuit next Summer...DARN! At Egofit Desk they also offer a spin bike that is not available on Amazon.

Update: As I was listening to my morning paper the belt slipped off the wheel that controlled the tension on the peddles. I spoke with Steve (his telephone number was located under contact information at Egofit Desk who said he would send out a new frame with a return label for the old frame. I really do love this bike and company!

6/12/14 Called customer service today because I couldn't tighten the peddles with the provided assembly wrench any tighter and still had a "skipping" feel when I peddled. Customer Service at Fit Desk told me to use a 5/8 inch wrench or 15 mm wrench from the Mr.'s tool box and that fixed the problem. We ordered the water bottle holder and it works well with a plastic glass that we have. The Mr. and I are both losing weight!

6/3/15 TERRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE & WARRANTY! I developed a problem with my tension slipping and I found out I was still under warranty and Egofit Desk Bike sent out a replacement bike! If you get a replacement bike and you need to take off the handlebars, a garbage disposal tool (to fix clogs) fits the bolts perfectly. The small footprint of the bike is perfect for our family room and because it is in our family room it gets used more frequently than out of sight, out of mind.

Amazon C.
Great, at least based on initial experience

Caveat on this review --- just got and assembled the unit, haven't used it much yet, but so far my wife and I are pleased with it.
The build quality was better than I was expecting, with the exception perhaps of all the plastic/rubber of the 'desk' part, but even that is plenty acceptable and will hopefully hold up well too. In assembling the unit I liked some of the well thought out little touches, such as having the right bolts already in one of the to-be-assembled parts, so no groping and guessing as to which was the right part. It just seemed pretty well conceived.

If I could think of improvements, it might include some way to be able to slide the desk part forwards and back and then fix it in place without having to reach so far forward, or dismount the bike. In general I suspect that, while there are multiple places where the bike can be adjusted, we'll likely fix on one set of settings that we can both live with other than perhaps seat height.

My wife and I don't have terribly long legs --- I'm just under 5'10" and am long in the torso (thus my legs are shorter than average for that height) and my wife is a little shorter. But both of us found that we needed the seat extender. My suggestion to the manufacturer would be to make the stock seat bar longer.

As to water bottle, while it does work to put the bottle in the split metal frame, we've initially elected to have the desk as close to us as possible while pedaling, which makes getting on and off of the bike a little less easy (no complaints there, just 'how it is'), but for the same reason we've already knocked the water bottle over once.

The other thing to bear in mind is that this unit is fairly heavy, approaching 50 pounds (the FixDesk X 2.0). When we bought it I think I had it in the back of my mind that we might try it occasionally both upstairs and downstairs, but it's clear to me now that we're leaving it on one floor only.

I'm listing minor quibbles. This looks to be a good unit, and we're happy (again "so far" at least) that we purchased it.

A. K.
Not great but definitely not bad

I received the Egofit Desk Bike a couple weeks ago and got right to assembling it. I am a 46-year-old female and did it alone. It hasn't fallen apart yet! I am shocked by how quiet it is! It comes with a desk that will fit your laptop and very little else. The drawer underneath is not terribly secure and will slide out a little each time I ride. The resistance bands are hard to use as the bands would rub up against my outer thighs when I pull them up. The display will give you the distance, time, calories, and speed as well as overall mileage. You can easily reset it for each use. It is powered by batteries. The bike folds. See the item specs for dimensions.

I am only 5' 4" tall and the bike is fine as far as seat to pedal distance. What isn't great for me is the desk distance. My arms aren't short but they aren't long enough to comfortably type on my laptop. I have to pull my laptop off the desk towards me more and I have to lean forward a bit. It works but it's not ergonomically correct and I notice my neck hurts if I do it too long. I just pedal as I do my work and try to get at least 45 minutes in. My biggest complaint after the desk is the seat. While it's on the larger side, it's hard and my flat behind does not do well on it. It can be painful if I don't pad it with a towel. My 9-year-old wants to use the bike in the worst way but he's less than 5' tall and it requires him to slide as far forward as possible and then his feet slip off the pedals from time to time. Can't wait till he gets taller.

If I had a larger behind, longer arms or were just bigger, I think the Egofit Desk Bike would "fit" me better. It isn't designed for my size BUT I can do my best to make adjustments and I purchased it to get some exercise in while working from home. It is enabling me to do that and it is SO quiet, so despite the issues I have with comfort, I love this thing. It has a purpose and it works for that purpose.

Pedal while you work!

I've been wanting this for quite a while, but I also wanted to wait and make sure user reviews were consistently good before splurging. This turned out to be exactly what I needed. I have a desk job in a virtual office and some days I cannot get away from my computer long enough for a bike ride outdoors. Other days, the weather makes my usual outdoor ride impractical or impossible. This desk bike is exactly what I need for those days. It is very attractive and streamlined, so I don't mind at all having it in my home office. It took 5 minutes to assemble out of the box, with very simple instructions and only one bolt to install. I loved that it came with rubber covers for the pedals so you can bike barefoot -- but in reality, after about 20 minutes I still need to wear a pair of shoes. That's no big deal, though. The seat is comfortable enough, although too wide for me, and my one big wish would be that they offered interchangeable seats --perhaps in the future. The control panel is hard to read since it is between your knees and does not have a backlight. The resistance is super easy to adjust, the seat adjusts with just a squeeze of a lever (just like my office chair) and the desk has two levers, one to slide it forward and back, the other to raise it up and down. I did my first zoom meeting by bike today and it was great. It is so quiet that you can't year it enough to transmit through my laptop so it doesn't disrupt meetings. I will post again later after using this for a few weeks, but based on my initial experience, this is a great product for people looking to fit some movement into their day.

Well made and straightforward instructions.

I have been wanting to purchase this for months. I had a manual treadmill, but it was too jerky and I didn't feel safe to use it alone. I finally bought the Egofit Desk Bike with the goal of maintaining mobility. I'm not expecting some weightloss miracle, I just want to be able to walk on my own for as long as possible. The no impact movement of the bicycle and the smooth flywheel is very gentle on my knees and hips and perfect for home physical therapy.

I just put it together and it went smoothly. The key is to read through the instructions, then read through them again before you start to assemble. Most of the nuts and bolts are in place which means no digging through a bag of hardware hoping you have the right washers for the right step. The only tools you need are included, but I pulled out my own tools to make it easier on my hands. I took my time and after each step read through just to make sure. All told, it took me about an hour by myself and I have mild mobility issues.

I was a little nervous since I'm nearly at the max weight limit, but it is very solid and I'm not at all concerned about it supporting me. I'm short (just 5' 1") so getting on is a bit tricky as well as reaching the pedals, but a stepstool and tall shoes solved that dilema easily.

I recommend this for anyone who has been

Way Better Than I Imagined....Very Happy With The Egofit Desk Bike!!

I received my Egofit Desk Bike late yesterday and already logged over 31 miles. In fact, I am typing this review while cycling.. The assembly was easy for me (50 YO Female) - took about 1 to 1.5 hours from receiving the box to sitting on the machine. The packaging was great and the unit is extremely sturdy.

The unit is very quiet and in fact, I hear nothing really. My laptop fan is louder than the flywheel or whatever the mechanism is called. I would imagine this would work in any office or cubicle without anyone being the wiser, unless they actually see you on it. The seat is nice and large but is going to take some time to get used to. I wish there was a way to install a bench seat in place of the model that comes with the unit. However, I went ahead and ordered a gel padded seat cover to try instead of the fluffy towel I am currently using. As with any cycling, I am sure it just takes some getting used to because at the gym, I typically walk on the treadmill or use the elliptical where I am standing.

Some of the reviews have complained about the backrest not being able to lean back a little. I find that my posture is perfect on this because before I was mostly working from the couch with my laptop on my lap and found that I was slumping over at the neck and shoulders causing a lot of strain and stress on my neck. With the Egofit Desk Bike I am sitting straight up and have no problem reaching my laptop with perfect posture. You can lean forward a little on the armrests and push the desktop away from you if you want a different position. Then to sit up straight, you just pull the desktop back toward you. I was a little confused that this was capable of happening before assembling the unit, but maybe I missed that in the description and reviews?

With the Egofit Desk Bike, I just work away and then shocked at how long I have been cycling when I decide to finally look at it. I do get winded and sweat somewhat if I set the tension higher and cycle faster so no doubt I am receiving a workout. It's not like a spin class but then again, I could never get my work done on my computer while in a spin class. It still beats just sitting on my rear on the sofa while working and doing nothing for my health.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Egofit Desk Bike with the exception of the sore derriere. Can't wait until the desktop expanders and gel seat cover arrive. Just FYI, I was not paid or offered any discounts to post this review and I rarely ever post reviews for anything. Just your ordinary consumer finally happy with a purchased product.

Give it a try, you most likely will not be disappointed!

As an Ironman triathlete the Egofit Desk Bike has become part of my weekly workouts...just a grea...

There are a lot of great reviews for the Egofit Desk Bike, so I didn’t want to be redundant adding another one…but it is such a great product, terrific design, and support is so outstanding that I feel compelled to weigh in.

I’ve owned the Egofit Desk Bike 2 for over a year now. Having completed 5 Ironman triathlons in recent years, I’ve put in literally thousands of cycling miles in training…so perhaps a unique perspective on the Egofit Desk Bike.

The reason for this review is a recent outstanding service example. The computer that came with the Egofit Desk Bike finally packed it in…stopped working. Since it’s over 1 year old, I figured the computer thing was out of warranty so I contacted Egofit Desk Bike to see what a replacement would cost. Big surprise…they just sent me a new one…free. As it turns out the new one has better buttons than the old one, and works like a charm.

So as to the Egofit Desk Bike itself. I’m 5’ 8”…my wife 5’ 4”, and my son 6’ 2” (yeah the postman is tall, but that's another story), and we all fit with the seat extension installed. I fit it without the extension, but added it to get the seating a bit more upright. The seat position is like a beach cruiser geometry with the pedals forward of the seat which I presume makes it more universally comfortable…as opposed to what I’m used to with road/tri bikes where you are sitting more upright over the pedals.

I typically ride it at a setting 6, which I find an easy spinning pace at 90 RPM, easy enough for a conversation and working on my laptop. An hour with the new computer has been displaying around 22-24 MPH, and 500’ish calories burned, which seems about right. There are 2 harder settings, 7 and 8, and I’ll tell you that if you want a workout at higher intensity those will give it to you.

No matter the settings, the bike and desk are solid. I have it sitting on a concrete floor with a short pile carpet on top. Solid. I have a 17” laptop that almost consumes the top of the desk, but still leaves just enough room for my phone to lay beside it...and a very handy drawer for other 'stuff'. I find the seat to be very comfortable…I’m more used to a hard, racing saddle, but I can easily ride the Egofit Desk Bike for 90 minutes without even noticing the seat. My wife rolls along at a more leisurely pace and finds the seat very comfortable while watching a show up to an hour long.

Not to be taken lightly, the Egofit Desk Bike is invisibly quiet. Talking on the phone, watching a show, noise is a total non-factor.

The Egofit Desk Bike is addictive. I originally bought it to tide me over during an injury that kept me off the road bike for a few months. Now over a year later, it’s become part of my weekly workouts…just so darn efficient to be able to multi-task while spinning off the calories and miles.

An absolute winner of a design with astonishing service and support.

Impressed but making a knocking noise...

My first amazon review ever. When I am reading reviews, I like them to be short and to the point. It is also helpful if I am able to tell that the person who is reviewing the item is not completely incompetent.

Firstly, I am a 27 year old, educated male. I bought this item because I have to study for national boards next month. I cannot stay sedentary for long periods of time while doing mind-numbing tasks like memorizing minutia of different diseases and drugs. I have also been biking a lot recently and have been inclined to get an indoor resistance trainer. I went with this instead. I got this as a daily deal; price was sitting at $300 and then went down to $240. Pretty stoked on the discount. I would have rated it 4 stars if I had paid $300.

This desk is an absolute pain in the butt to put together. They try to make it a little easier by pre-assembling some of the pieces but it actually makes it more difficult in the long run. The manual, instructions and illustrations are piss poor. I can imagine some people get pretty frustrated putting this together. Lots of the nuts and bolts require little quarter turns and its just painful. I literally took a break while setting it up but was able to accomplish the task in about a half hour.

Now that it is all set up, I am initially very impressed. This thing is very sturdy, extremely quiet and most importantly comfortable. I can definitely tell I can get a workout as I am beginning to sweat while pedaling at a decent rate at low resistance.

It's very compact and does not take up much space. You could feasibly use this in close quarters like a dorm room, etc... The desk and seat have a good range of adjust-ability so you can find where it's most comfortable.

Edit 1: Making a knock/click noise. It's not constant but makes it unusable. I have tired tightening pedals and tuning the pedal luck. Seems internal. Going to contact customer service and see if they can troubleshoot and help me resolve.

Nature l.
Wish it adjusted a little more, but I like it.

I bought this because while working from home I wasn't getting any exercise. After reading a lot of reviews I went with this Egofit Desk Bike and got it when the price was just under $200. Assembly was pretty easy, even without installing the app with video instructions. It comes with all the tools you need. I only had trouble with the front bolt of the seat mount since the wrench didn't really reach in there well. A socket wrench would have made it much easier. Once assembled, pedaling is very quiet. Resistance doesn't go super high, but since I have kind of bad knees I wouldn't use a really high resistance setting anyway. The stretchy bands for the arms are kind of a joke, as I didn't feel all that much resistance from them. But since I mainly wanted something to pedal while I'm on a laptop, this unit does what it needs to do. Is it perfect? No. To be perfect I would want a lot more adjustability. You can't adjust the seat angle, you can only move it up and down. You can't adjust the desk angle or height, you can only slide the desk toward you and away from you. And the backrest angle doesn't really adjust either. If you bring it closer, it gets more upright to the point where the top edge of the backrest is actually tilted more forward than the bottom edge, and if you move it backwards, it becomes more reclined. So no, it doesn't adjust like a nice desk chair would and there is no lumbar support at all. But I wasn't buying a desk chair, was I? For the money I got a solid feeling folding bike that is quiet and lets me pedal while i work with my laptop and that's good enough for me.

Size fit, I am about 5'8", so I assembled it without the seat post extension. (Extension is recommended if you are over 5'9") I have relatively long legs and a short torso, and with the seat at a high position feels like it fits me just fine, as long as I don't expect to use the backrest.


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