Can I change my shipping address?

We must be notified of this requirement before the order leaves our warehouse. Once the...
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Can I update my shipping address?

Yes, you can most certainly update so long as you do it before the order...
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Carrier missed my delivery appointment

Please call the shipping carrier again to reschedule your delivery appointment. You can find the...
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Warranty / Parts

Just bought a new treadmill. Should I be concerned about the line on the running belt?

This is Seal line, The process of joining the belt to itself leaves a visible...
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Where do I find the serial number? (Treadmills)

To find your serial number on a Egofit treadmills, you can look on the back...
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Error Codes

Why does my treadmill display a error "----" or "E07"?

This indicates that the safety key is missing. Make sure the safety key is securely...
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Usage & Maintenance

What kind of maintenance is needed on the under desk treadmills?

Our under desk treadmills require belt lubrication every 3 months or every 40 usage hours,...
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Can I store and use my treadmill on carpet?

Yes, you can place the treadmill on carpet. We recommend placing a treadmill mat down...
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