Egofit M1 main photo
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1
Egofit Walker Pro-M1

Egofit Walker Pro-M1

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Egofit M1 main photo

Egofit Walker Pro-M1

Product description
  • ✔️ The under desk treadmill is the affordable way to get more out of your standing desk, letting you burn more calories, as well as reducing stress and decreasing back pain. The compact design makes our Egofit walker pro treadmill a perfect addition to your home office, fitting virtually anywhere.
  • ✔️ Mini Desk Treadmill Can Fit In Office - elegant to exercise in your small spaces or desk workstation! It's a compact treadmill comes fully assembled! With a mini size while the same powerful as a motorized walking treadmill(2.0HP motor) ! Regardless bad weathers, it enables you to perform workout in your office, living room or bedroom any time. Perfectly fit Height Adjustable Standing Desk!
  • ✔️ Handle And Maintain With Ease - APP Mobile control and WIRELESS Remote control optional for you to operate the lightweight treadmill at will | Easy to move around with the maneuverable wheels underneath | The LCD monitor will count your each pace on your way to reach the goal of 10,000 steps.
  • ✔️ Rather Quiet Than Sorry - Sound level is less than 70DB even in its max speed, to ensure no disturbance breaks in your working, reading or other activities. You can even enjoy your call conference while leisurely wandering on your walking treadmill and the other end of line does not notice it. Also no worry to place it on your carpet or mat which could reduce the motor sound further.
  • ✔️ By Your Side For Years To Come - Solid built as a total body home gym to support 110kg Max user weight, you will step steadily on the deck and comfortably without any concern. It is a portable treadmill that be with you for years.
  • ✔️ 30 days  Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied, please reach out to us so that we can make it up to you. 30 day money-back guarantee.

Start walking towards better health with the budget-conscious

Product Specs

Motor: DC motor 2.0HP

Max user weight: 243lbs/110KGS

Speed rang: 0.62-3.11mph / 1-5km/h

Walking area size: 16.54''X34.25''/42x87cm

Item dimension: 38.39×21.85×6.89″/ 97.5×55.5×17.5cm

Item Net Weight: 48.5lbs/22kgs

Maneuverable wheels & Fully assembled

Ergonomic Fixed incline 5% help you burn more calories fast.

Remote & App control Start & Off

Powerful Motor Maximize Performance

Allow continuous use time as 99:59
Whisper quiet, around 56db when 3.1mph/5kmh (same to quiet office)
Spacious walking belt possible

Easy to Travel with

Due to its compact design makes our Egofit Walker Pro walking desk treadmill easy to put inside of the car truck

Portable Under desk treadmill

Design with Design with transportation wheels allow it easy move to anywhere.

Walking & Jogging Treadmill

Unique Sink-motor design, Allow our Desk Treadmill can be a jogging treadmill without front hard plastic cover hit your foot.

Remote & Mobile App Control

Allow Remote control Plus Mobile app control, snyc and tracking workout data on your mobile.

Right home office Desk Treadmill

Ergonomic 5% incline

Helps burn more calories faster

Powerful Motor allow bigger user weight

Max User weight 243lbs or 110kgs

Compact & Portable size

Compact size makes it can be a perfect standing desk treadmill

What customer saying?

Small and Efficient treadmill desk
for standing desk

Portable size, Easy to travel with.

Small and Perfect size for walking and jogging.

Why Us?

Free Trial & Return

30 days Risk-free trail & return

Warranty Guarantee

1 Year Warranty for all products

Quick support

100% cusotmer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 315 reviews
Kasie F.
So far so good!

I have had the Egofit for 2 weeks and am enjoying it! These are my observations:
(1) It is definitely the smallest one I could find in the market, and it is quiet
(2) I use it to walk 30 mins in the morning before I even start my work day, at the highest speed, and it is great cardio (especially with the incline!). Note, it is short for long strides.
(3) For safety/accuracy I slow it down to a snail pace when I’m trying to type anything of significance on my computer, no reportable issues and easy to adjust speed with remote or app
(4) I did notice that while using the app (to turn on/start, sync with health tracker app) there’s some Bluetooth connectivity delays but nothing major
(5) This is more user error, but I have to set reminders to check my posture while using (sometimes I find myself leaning on my desk more or pushing my neck forward)
(6) I also noticed my 2nd monitor will cut to black if my hands are on my desk while using the Egofit at a higher speed but after doing some research online learned that static/electricity/current (?) is likely the cause for the electronic blip so I just make sure to have something (like a mouse pad) between me and the surface when using a higher setting
(7) It’s pretty easy to move around, delivery and assembly/set up was also very easy
(8) They say “sitting is the new smoking”, surely moving is better than sedentary, and overall I really like using the Egofit so far!

Excellent for WFH standing desk

I was looking for a under the desk treadmill for my standing desk. I found EGOFIT WALKER PRO and was interested to try it.
DELIVERY: The product was delivered before the promising date and it was well packed
ASSEMBLY: It was very easy to assemble. Just connect to a power source and it's ready to use
OPERATING THE TREADMILL: The treadmill comes with a remote with which it is easy to control the treadmill. Speed ranges from 1kmh to 5kmh and it can be raised in the intervals of 0.5kmh
SIZE/WEIGHT: This is the smallest treadmill I have seen in the market. It fits perfectly under my standing desk and I am able to pull it in/out with the wheels provided. Because of its size and weight ,it is convenient to move it around the house.
USE: I have been using this treadmill for walking. I do around 7-8k steps/day on it. It is not noisy, so it is suitable to use in an apartment.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: They are very helpful and work hard for customer satisfaction. They responded promptly and answered all my questions. I appreciate their time and effort.
Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an affordable and long lasting walking treadmill.

Compact and dynamic

This little treadmill is amazing compact and versatile. Can move it around the house and keep it out self (covered, of course). I’ve been looking for something to use indoors or under shade during the hot Southern summers (when walking outside during the day is just too hot and sunny) and the Egofit is quite amazing! I don’t need it to go very fast (I don’t run indoors on a treadmill) so I’m able to use it while watching tv, reading work papers, or just putting it outside for a walk under the shade. The remote works well and I either put it in my pocket or necklace since it’s hard to reach it if you put it on a table next to you etc. Overall, would highly recommend this treadmill for those who need a brisk walking pace indoors (or outdoors under shade)!

Just what I expected and wanted.

No complaints!

I did use the oil when I got it, even though the documentation says it comes pre-oiled. While it was off, I lifted the belt in the middle and wiped my finger. The deck was dry. The belt also made a scrubbing sound before I oiled it. It got a lot quieter after oiling, and then when I wiped my finger under the belt, I felt a light film of oil.

I'm 6' 2", 225 lbs, and it works great for me. I walk in my socks to keep the sound down, and it's quiet.

Good for a small space

This treadmill was great for me. I live in a small apartment, so I needed something that wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Mine did come missing a few pieces, but customer service was very prompt with replacing them.

- Very small
- Nice build quality
- Very responsive customer service
- Nice, easy to use app for controlling

- A little hard to move, even with the wheels
- Can be a little loud when walking on it (but it’s very quiet when it runs on it’s own)
- The remote is a little hard to use

angela m.
Great little piece of equipment!

I order this because I wanted to get in more movement throughout my workday. I’ve had it for a month now so I feel I can give a more thorough review. It’s small, quiet, and very easy to move. I think one thing to note is that this model has an automatic incline that you cannot adjust. .5 didn’t seem like a big deal to me but it was hard on my body at first. There is another model that is flat and I kind of wish I had ordered that one instead. The other thing is the speeds are only in .5 increments. And lastly I’ve had a few issues with the remote. When trying to increase speed it will just shut the machine down which is frustrating. Other than that for the price and for what I bought it for I think it’s great!


Love the size, which was most important to me. My daughter, mother and I are all walking on it and really enjoy it.

Great buy for the money

I bought this product because I'm a walker not a runner. I usually walk in front of the tv. It's easy to use it and adjust the speed. Moreover it's not very large, it very suit for small room. Very worth to buy.

Maria T.
Works great

It does exactly what I need it for.

Valerie G.b.
I am very happy with my purchase.

The Treadmill arrived promptly it requires no building as it comes fully assembled inside the box I found the Treadmill the power cable one remote some tools for adjusting lubricant oil and easy to follow booklet.The Treadmill is easily movable due to it having two wheels on the bottom so a quick lift up and I could move it into position ready for my first go.The Treadmill cable is of a nice length once plugged in it stays in, the power switch is near where the power cable goes switch it on and it turned orange.To work the Treadmill this is where the remote comes in when your on press the button then when it starts to move you can increase the speed via the plus button decrease via the minus button stop via the stop button.What attracted me to this one other others or the more conventional Treadmills is the slight incline also the fact it is a space saving unit therefore I don’t require a huge space to use it or to store whilst not in use.I can see why this would be good whilst working by a table but I also think it’s a good stand alone Treadmill it offers a good workout level it counts your speed, time, distance and calorie loss.The build quality is good it looks and feels very durable very robust and sturdy it is easy to store due to being smaller so far it is really good.With the simple control system the build quality I would have no issues in recommending this Treadmill over time I hope it will be beneficial to my health great to use when it is raining and I can’t get out for a walk in the fresh air.