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M2-sakura pink-1
M2-sakura pink-2
M2-sakura pink-3
M2-sakura pink-5
M2-sakura pink-6
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EGOFIT ComfortDeck-M2

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EGOFIT ComfortDeck-M2

EGOFIT ComfortDeck-M2

Product description
Tech Specations
Product description
Looking for a treadmill that is gentle on your joints and easy on your wallet? Look no further than our new ComfortDeck Walking treadmill with honeycomb deck cushioning. This innovative Honey Comb Deck Cushioning reduces the impact of running and walking, while providing a smooth and comfortable workout. Plus, our honey comb cushioning treadmill is not pricy, so you can enjoy the benefits of fitness without breaking the bank. Order yours today and get ready to feel the difference!
  • The World's Most Comfortable Walking Treadmills, With Innovative honey comb cushioning deck, less impact, noiseless and super comfortable. 
  • The Perfect Mini Under Deck Treadmill for Standing Desks.
  • You'll be 10 times healthier with our Cushioning Treadmill Desk, Help you to Achieve your Exercise and Weight Loss Goals every single day, improve your health, build muscle or get more energy at work.
  • Help you Burn More Calories Fast with 3% Incline, Our Innovative 3% incline design is a great way to increase the intensity of a workout without increasing the time or speed of the workout.
  • Mini Walkpad Treadmill, Big Strides No Fear, Our Under Sink Motor Design delivers Comfortable Walking Treadmill (users less than 6.3' or 1.9M)

Refurbished refers to a product that has been restored to a like-new condition after being returned or used. It goes through a comprehensive inspectionrepair, and testing process to ensure it meets the original manufacturer's specifications.

Refurbished products may have minor cosmetic imperfections, but they are fully functional and come with a warranty too, We Offer Full Replacement or repair for refurbished units with any functional defects. Do not place order if you can not accept minor issues, kindly have a look at return policy page- Refurbished items section

      Tech Specations
      • Motor: DC motor 2.5HP
      • Max user weight: 245lbs/110KGS
      • Speed range: 1~5.0kmh/0.62~3.1mph
      • Walking area size: 920*450mm/ 36.2 *17.7inch
      • Item dimension: 105.5*58*18cm/41.5*22.8*7inch
      • Item Net Weight: 23.3kgs/51.36lbs
      • Maneuverable wheels & Fully assembled
      • Ergonomic Fixed incline 3% help you burn more calories fast.

      Egofit ComfortDeck M2

      The World's Most Comfortable Walking Treadmills, With Innovative honey comb cushioning deck, less impact, noiseless and super comfortable.

      The Perfect Mini Under Deck Treadmill for Standing Desks.

      Big Strides, No fear!

      Our innovaitve under-sink motor design delivers comfortable walking experience to people with big strides, No concerns of the frount motor cover hit your foot.

      Avoid Runner's Knee,
      Less Impact, Noiseless,
      Super Comfortable,

      Innovative HoneyComb ComfortDeck Cushioning Walking Treadmill, provides a softer landing and extra spring in your step. Our HoneyComb ComfortDeck is the Gold standard for impact absorption, providing a softer sweet spot for every step and unparalleled support, Designed to simulate the freedom of running on softer surface.

      3% incline Treadmill Desk

      The Unique 3% incline Walking Treadmill designed to Boost Your Calories Burning Faster.

      Desktop Smart Console

      The all in one smart desktop console allows you to start, stop and adjust the speed of your treadmill with the touch of a button. you can easily view your step count, distance walked, and calories burned.

      A Great home office Desk Treadmill

      Transport Wheels

      Easy to Move and Store.

      Powerful Motor allow bigger user weight

      Max User weight 245lbs or 110kgs

      LCD Display

      LCD display of the walking treadmill with incline provides the data of calories, time, steps, distance and speed, enable you control your exercise rhythm.

      Why Egofit?

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      30 days right of return

      Quick support

      Within 24 hours reply

      Free Shipping

      Free shipping on all USA orders $100+

      Long Warranty

      1 year warranty for all products


      What Is A Cushioned Treadmill?

      How does Honeycomb Deck Cushioning Treadmill works?

      Advantages of Egofit Comfort Deck cushioning treadmill?

      Are You a Runner or Walker?

      How Often to lubricate my treadmill?

      Treadmill walking belt slips or is off center

       Can I still get work done if I’m working at a treadmill desk?

      Why won't my treadmill start even though the console display works?

      Just bought a new treadmill. Should I be concerned about the line on the running belt?

      when I turn my treadmill on, I get this read out on the screen “- - - -“ or “E07”. Do you have any idea what I can do or is it broken?

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 526 reviews
      Immediate health imporvement

      Getting lost in work and getting a huge amount of steps in every day is very gratifying. Also surprisingly quiet which is a great bonus.

      Super happy!

      This has been the best investment I’ve ever made so far. I’ve only been using it for two weeks but this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Perfect speeds, perfect inclines, perfect wheels for moving around my apartment, and the perfect size for my not-very-spacious NYC apartment. I am so obsessed. I used to walk so much but don’t get to anymore. Having this now in my home, I am easily getting between 18k-20k steps per day. I am so happy with this purchase and I hope it lasts me a long time.

      Also, customer service was great whenever I had a question. When I reached out and asked them to please add the signature requirement since FedEx isn’t the best carrier in my area, they did so and FedEx actually brought it upstairs for me!

      I’d definitely recommend this.

      I bought the M2 model without the bad and it’s perfect for me. My mom had trouble, however, so if you don’t have great balance, perhaps go with the model that has the bar for support. Without the bar has been great for me and is exactly what I need.

      I absolutely love this thing and have recommended it to everyone.

      This treadmill is great!

      I work from home and recently purchased the egofit m2. Really love it and its nice and small/compact and feels like it is better made then some of the cheaper options you see from competitors.

      Great Walking Pad- Buy it!

      I researched so many walking pads and kept coming back to this one. I'm so glad I did. It came out of the box ready to use and it works great. The motor is quiet and the range of walking speeds is great. I love that it has a 3% incline and is great on my knees and back. The way its designed the foot can go over the front without hitting the base so the surface has enough walking space even though it shorter than most. Spend a little more on the M2T since it has higher speed range as well as a great bar to hold on to if needed. Thanks EgoFit for creating a quality product that fits my desk and home perfectly!

      Perfect for what I needed

      I am a mom trying to fit in exercise and I work partially remote. At night I can walk on this while I work (emailing, processing reports and excel spreadsheets) . It is quiet and no one wakes up. I was worried about being able to type/use a mouse and I'm able to do it while walking at the 2-2.3 rate. I also chose this one because of the small incline (I do work up to a bit of a sweat at times even going so slow) and also because of how short it was (my desk area is small) It is perfect for what I needed-glad I spent a little more to get the features of this one

      Perfect for small spaces

      I work from home often and I have switched to walking meetings with my team. They love it! I’m really pleased with my purchase.

      It's a good unit

      I'm 6'0" and well under the max weight of 250 lbs. Still, I could stand to lose a few pounds, so I thought getting some steps in at home was a good idea. I was initially worried about stride length, but that's not a problem on the M2. The walking surface might look a little short, but it's fine.

      I don't use it under a standing desk, so I can't speak to how well that works. I wanted a walking pad so I could swing my arms freely.

      I do wish the power cord were longer.

      Edward M.
      Egofit M2T - Awesome compact treadmill!

      It took weeks of research to finally decide on the Egofit M2T treadmill for my rising desk while working remotely (or whenever & for the wife). Free shipping, arrived in 2 or 3 days only! Which was great. Maybe I was lucky. But so far, I've used it every single day, between 40 and 100mins, and have only compliments! I'm 6'2" 215lbs and have no problem walking/power walking/light jogging up to max speed. The shock absorption is excellent.
      I kept boasting about it during different team meetings and caught the interest of a co-worker who went ahead and purchased one of the M1 versions.
      What else? The quality! Its compact, solid and sturdy, yet light and easy to move around or pick up. Belt is simple to adjust. Comes with 2 bottles of oil. Sleek design, nothing fancy, that looks nice.
      Highly recommended treadmill. Especially for quality vs price.

      Jennifer M.
      Great Product but Bulky and Heavy

      Good quality walking pad - durable and comfortable to walk on. The M2T is a bit too bulky and heavy. Going to trade it in for the M2. This one, the M2T, is not easy to move to and from under the desk. The handle bar gets in the way of grabbing the back to pull and push it in. Its also not easy to move the handle bar up and back down. The hand rails adds to the bulkiness, makes it more difficult to move the walking around and stops me from scooting my chair in by the extra 5-6 inches. I didn't really need the handrails so disappointed that they don't go up and down easily. You have to twist the knob on one side to loosen it, then twist the knob on the other side, lift the bar up then twist both sides to lock it in place. Wouldn't be bad if I were keeping it in place, but I'm storing it under my desk so the daily pulling and pushing then lifting and locking is a bit extra. I'm returning to purchase the one without the handle bar. Hopefully its lighter and the extra 5-6 inches help with the under desk space.

      Great treadmill!

      I spent a long time researching desk treadmills. I knew I wanted something compact but I also wanted to be sure it was flimsy. I almost bought a $1k treadmill until I found Egofit. Egofit meets all my requirements and the price was half of what I would have paid for a different brand. Here is what I love: 1. the size - I can easily roll this up under my desk, use it for an hour and then roll it away quickly when I am done. 2. The stability. This is a heavy-duty machine. It feels solid when using. 3. The incline! I love the 3% incline. I was actually worried about it at first but it’s a nice feature to have. 4. Easy to use. Plug it in, turn it on and start it up! 5. It’s quiet! My office at home is on the second floor and I was worried my husband could hear me using it downstairs, and I was worried people could hear it on zoom calls. Nope - super quiet and smooth.

      It took me about a week to get used to walking while working but after a few days, it’s very natural and makes the day go by a little faster.

      If you’re thinking about it, just do it!


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