Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T

Egofit Walker Plus-M1T

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Egofit Walker Plus-M1T

Egofit Walker Plus-M1T

Product description

✔️ Compact Folding Treadmill and With Handrails - The HANDRAILS make it a PLUS of Egofit Walker Pro. The MAX speed is upgraded to 3.7mph when handrails are standing up for your quicker jogging to sweat. It is also a folding treadmill of space saver when put under your desk workstation for your work from home & office.

✔️ Handle And Maintain With Ease - APP Mobile control and WIRELESS Remote control optional for you to operate the lightweight treadmill at will | Easy to move around with the maneuverable wheels underneath | The LCD monitor will count your each pace on your way to reach the goal of 10,000 steps.

✔️ Rather Quiet Than Sorry - Sound level is less than 70DB even in its max speed, to ensure no disturbance breaks in your working, reading or other activities. You can even enjoy your call conference while leisurely wandering on your walking treadmill and the other end of line does not notice it. Also no worry to place it on your carpet or mat which could reduce the motor sound further.

✔️ By Your Side For Years To Come - Solid built as a total body home gym to support 242.5 lbs Max user weight, you will step steadily on the deck and comfortably without any concern. It is a portable treadmill that be with you for years.

✔️ 30 days Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied, please reach out to us so that we can make it up to you. 30 day money-back guarantee.

Product Specs

Motor: DC motor 2.0HP

Max user weight: 243lbs/110KGS

Speed rang: 0.62-3.11mph / 1-5km/h

Speed rang(handlebar opened): 0.62-3.73mph / 1-6km/h

Walking area size: 16.54''X34.25''/42x87cm

Item dimension: 40.55'' X 26.18'' X 6.89''/103x66.5x17.5cm

Item dimension(handlebar unfolded): 38.39×26.18×39.96″/97.5×66.5×101.5cm

Item Net Weight: 59lbs/26.5kgs

Maneuverable wheels & Fully assembled

Ergonomic Fixed incline 5% help you burn more calories fast.

Remote & App control Start & Off

Maximize Walking Area

Our unique Motor-sink design maximized the walking area for user has big stride, no worries your foot to hit the front hard plastic cover while walking.

Folding Treadmill desk

Our Foldable treadmill is easy to fold without any tools needed, super easy to screw up and down.

Walking + Jogging Treadmill

The Foldable treadmill can be easy switch from a desk treadmill to a jogging and walking treadmill, when handlebar opened, the top speed is 3.73mph/6kmh

Handlebar with safety lock

More friendly to elderly users with handlebar and safety lock, a great home treadmill for our daily training goal.

Right home office Desk Treadmill

Ergonomic 5% incline

Helps burn more calories faster

Powerful Motor allow bigger user weight

Max User weight 243lbs or 110kgs

Compact & Portable size

Compact size makes it can be a perfect standing desk treadmill

What customer saying?

Small and Efficient treadmill desk
for standing desk

Portable size, Easy to travel with.

Small and Perfect size for walking and jogging.

Why Us?

Free Trial & Return

30 days Risk-free trail & return

Warranty Guarantee

1 Year Warranty for all products

Quick support

100% cusotmer satisfaction guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Daniel W.
Great compact treadmill.

I am 5’10” and 195 pounds and this little treadmill is just the right size. It’s super easy to operate with the remote control and and the folding handlebar is great for additional support.

I love it

This was purchased for my house . I love it. It's quiet and easy to move around. Great customer service

Eva I.
I love my mini treadmill

I really love this treadmill. The incline is perfect. You get a bit more out of the walk. I didn't buy this for working but for walking while watching TV. It's perfect. Sturdy and solid but small and light weight.

Susan S.

Great compact treadmill. Very smooth operation. Fits my needs and space perfectly. Been using it almost daily with no issues whatsoever.

Karin G.

Fabulous!! Works perfectly, no need for a huge treadmill..this is the perfect size!

Shir D.
Great machine!!

Love this new addition to my home gym.
Perfect size and easy to use

Nancy L.
Egofit Walker Plus-M1T

Easy to set up and operate.

I would recommend this compact treadmill to friends, family

I purchased this for myself as a supplemental home indoor activity during the cold winter months. This model was easy to setup, has small footprint, quiet motor operation, good speed range for slow and fast walking/light jogging with slightly inclined surface profile . With proper maintenance, I hope durability can be added to the list of good things the longer I own and use it.

Angela L.
Love it!

I love this treadmill- exactly what I was looking for. I work from home and already have a stand up desk but was looking for a treadmill to get steps in. I love this! I pick up the speed during meetings (that don't require me to talk too much). Typing being on the phone and walking the treadmill at the same time is not difficult. The activity also make me feel more alert during the day because im not stationary. Great investment in my health.

Inc F.
Egofit Hiwalker Plus +

I purchased & used the item - it’s perfect because the 5 degree inclination is really impactful. It isn’t like walking on normal flat surface, there’s really a workout to the steep-wards inclination. I started & currently have it set to 2 mph for the speed ~ maybe 2.5 mph. The hand rail helps out too , I’d be walking even slower without (it’s preferable). I just only have to maintenance it - adjusting the belt from the left side & adding oil. Other than that, I’m happy with the investment! * * * * *