How Often to lubricate my treadmill?

We recommend lubrication of the deck according to the following time table:

Ø Light user (less than 3 hours/ week) - Annually

Ø Medium user (3-5 hours/ week) - Every six months

Ø Heavy user (more than 5 hours/ week) - every three months

Each time apply one bottle of the together comes oil, as 30ml.

What kind of lubricant oil recomment to use?

Only use "Silicone Oil" lubricants for this equipment. In addition, do not add any other oil ingredient; otherwise, the treadmill will be damaged. Do not over-lubricate the walking board. Excess lubricant should be wiped off with a clean towel. We recommend that you buy the lubrication from our distributor or directly from us.

How to Lubricate the treadmill?

Kindly refer to this video link:

Does treadmill work without remote control?

Yes, you can use mobile to control the treadmill by downloading the app “FitShow”

What's the recommend user height for M1 and M1T treadmill?

Our recommend user height limited for M1 and M1T small treadmill is less than 6’8’’, higher than that may feel uncomfortable due to their big stride

How to Adjust running belt?

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